Course Outline


Portuguese for Foreigners

The main objectives are to expand vocabulary and conversational skills, strengthen grammar and to introduce key social issues and culture. The course, taught entirely in Portuguese, introduces new vocabulary and emphasizes grammatical rules within the context of specific themes chosen to enhance students’ familiarity of customs or cultural institution that shape daily life.

Prior to the beginning of the course, students are evaluated so as to measure their level of proficiency in the language, as well as find out any particular weaknesses they may have. The placement test results vary from 0% (no previous knowledge of the language) to 100% (native-like knowledge). Also, combining the student’s initial results with the type of course chosen, the teacher will be able to provide an estimate of the level to be achieved at the end of the program.

A similar evaluation will be applied at the end of the course, in order to check the student’s progress and to make sure that he/she has achieved the estimated level.

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